Ergonomic Reposable Laparoscopic Scissors
Ergonomic Reposable Laparoscopic Scissors
Ergonomic Reposable Laparoscopic Scissors

Ergonomic reposable laparoscopic scissors

Use laparoscopic scissors that make the cut

With Snowden-Pencer™ ergonomic surgical reposable laparoscopic scissors, you enjoy performance, ergonomics and versatility.

Assemble in 3 simple steps:

Thread tip into shaft

Thread tip into shaft

Spread the handle open

Spread the handle open

Click to engage handle to tip

Click to engage handle to tip


Cutting-edge performance
Snowden-Pencer™ ergonomic reposable laparoscopic scissors with reusable handles and disposable tips support superior cutting performance. The click-fit scissor tips make them easier to assemble by providing both audible and tactile feedback that confirms proper assembly.

Based on the next-generation Snowden-Pencer ring-handle design, the Switch-Blade™ handle sets a new standard in comfort for laparoscopic scissors. It also allows a precision or palm grip.

Variety of scissor tips

Our reposable scissor tips come in these styles:

SP Scissor Tip - Curved METZ

Cruved Metz

SP Scissor Tip - Straight


SP Scissor Tip - Curved mini-METZ

Curved mini-Metz

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