BD FocalPoint Imaging System
BD FocalPoint Imaging System

BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System

The BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System combines the automated screening capability of the BD FocalPoint™ Slide Profiler (formerly the AutoPap Primary Screening System) with the precision field location capability of the BD FocalPoint™ GS Review Station. It is intended to assist in cervical cancer screening of BD SurePath™  Pap Test slides to detect evidence of Squamous carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and their precursor conditions.

Make the BD FocalPoint GS Imaging System your guide in cervical cytology screening

  • Directs your attention to slides most likely contain abnormalities
  • Guides you to specific areas on the slide most likely to contain abnormal cells or information of diagnostic interest

Efficient and Optimal interpretation of your slides

  • Reduced false negatives through the detection of significantly more dysplasia
  • Reduced unnecessary and inconvenient repeat testing by lowering your ASC-US result
  • Significantly increased productivity

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