My Summer Project

BD summer interns work on a variety of meaningful projects that add tremendous value to BD. Some of our previous undergraduate interns gave the following feedback on their projects:

AJ, Kellogg MBA, Business Development Intern, San Jose, California

"My summer project involved understanding and assessing the market for a developing new technology that posed a competitive threat to one of the most important product lines at BD. Once I was able to outline the market opportunity, I identified the major players in the new market space and developed a strategy for BD to collaborate and evaluate acquisition opportunities to enter into this new market. I am most proud of the fact that when I talked to my summer manager a few months after I returned to school, he informed me that they were moving forward with my recommendations. This really signifies the meaningfulness of the BD internship experience and my ability to make a true impact over the summer."

Dave, Wharton MBA, Advanced Concept Development Intern, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

"I am especially proud of a project I led to identify new opportunities for BD in alternate site infusions. By talking with internal business leaders and external BD customers, I was able to piece together the dynamics of a very complex environment and determine a way to better serve a new class of patients. At the end of my project, I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment in bettering patient care and growing my business skill set in the process."

Brian F, Kellogg MBA, Strategic Marketing Intern, San Jose, California

"I performed strategic marketing for new diagnostic products targeting a multibillion-dollar market. I am most proud that I was able to develop a launch plan for cutting-edge products that could save lives and reduce healthcare costs."

Kate, Columbia MBA, Corporate Business Development Intern, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

"I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects during my summer at BD; however, the majority of my time was spent evaluating a women's diagnostic test. BD made a commitment to womens health, and I felt that my project fit well into the company's women's health strategy. When I left BD, the business unit made plans to act on my research and pursue next steps."

Brian L, Kellogg MBA, Marketing Intern, Baltimore, Maryland

"I developed a go-to-market strategy for an innovative cancer diagnostic test. The project was meaningful because the diagnostic test had the potential to impact a disease that is among the leading killers of women worldwide. I am proud that my recommendations have been used to move the project further along."

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