Areas of Interest

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Diagnostic Systems
  • Competitive analyses that directly compare competitor LEAN assessments to BD LEAN assessments in key areas including hands-on time, time-to-result, walk away time and prep time
  • Workflow changes and efficiencies created by high throughput instrument implementation
  • Patient management evaluations, workflow or labor evaluations that measure improvements in post assay/instrument implementations
Medication Management Solutions
  • Strategies for driving enterprise-wide inventory optimization
  • Best practices in end-to-end medication safety
  • Best practices for detecting and preventing medication diversion
  • Strategies for improving medication management in non-acute care settings
Pre-analytical Systems
  • Point-of-care diagnostics
    • Research that will advance understanding of how pre-analytical variables in sample collection and management can impact clinical test results, patient outcomes, process efficiency and cost in various clinical settings and patient populations   
    • Best practices related to improving the safety and experience of healthcare providers and patients during specimen collection and management
  • Single cell studies using flow cytometry, cell sorting, and/or multiomics (e.g. Ab-seq/RNA-seq) to improve:
    • Patient stratification for therapy initiation
    • Post-therapy monitoring for efficacy and safety
    • Early disease diagnosis, monitoring and minimal residual disease
    • Wellness and disease risk profiling
  • Proposals focusing on immune-oncology are of heightened interest, as are proposals focusing on autoimmune disorders, infectious disease, regenerative medicine, transplant and other innovative applications
Peripheral Intervention
  • Research regarding how to improve dialysis and pre-dialysis patients, via:
    • Best practices in AV fistula creation, maturation and interventions
    • Patient quality-of-life or preferences related to vascular access
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