Avera McKennan Hospital case study

Learn how BD helps streamline the physician order management process


Avera McKennon Hospital with 490 beds in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Due to a hospital-wide perception that the turnaround time for new medication orders was excessive, a pharmacy/nursing task force at Avera McKennan Hospital evaluated the process to see if improvement was needed.


The hospital implemented the Pyxis Connect physician order management system. Pyxis Connect works by capturing a digital image of the handwritten order and routing it to an electronic "queue" in the pharmacy, eliminating the need for manual, paper order management systems. Once these orders are approved by the pharmacy, nurses can immediately access the medications on the floor through the Pyxis MedStation system.


A post-implementation study found that with Pyxis Connect, the average order entry time significantly decreased from 2.5 hours to 16 minutes, and stat orders averaged from six to eight minutes from the time the order was scanned by nursing to the time it was entered in the pharmacy system.

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"We went from a 2.5-hour order turnaround time to 16 minutes with the help of Pyxis products."

Michael Borgmann
Pharmacy Technology Specialist

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