CHRISTUS Spohn Health System case study

Learn how automation improves standardization and redeploys pharmacists to clinical functions


CHRISTUS Spohn Health System with 1,000 beds in Corpus Christi, Texas.


CHRISTUS Spohn wanted to standardize processes, improve medication management, enhance medication safety and redeploy pharmacists to clinical functions.


CHRISTUS Spohn installed Alaris® System smart infusion technology, Pyxis Pharmogistics inventory management software and Pyxis PharmoPack medication packaging technology, along with additional pharmacy technologies, to centralize distribution for all six facilities through Med Safety Central (MSC)-a central location that dispenses 80% of the medications administered within the system.


Due to inventory management and pick-and-fill process improvements, pharmacists were relieved of distributive functions and redeployed to clinical functions. 
Barcode medication verification (BMV) and computerized patient order management have helped the hospital reduce the risk of medication errors and improve inventory management.

Additionally, the technologies have enabled the hospital to:

  • Reduce the time spent on the pick process by 62.5%.
  • Add safety to the fill process.Turn inventory 20 times per year.
  • Eliminate pharmacists from cart fill double-checks.
  • Reduce expired meds and waste.

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"What used to take us four hours only takes us an hour and a half. Not only has our efficiency at picking meds improved, but our safety and accuracy have too."

Gina Rodriguez
Chief Pharmacy Technician

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