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Journal Article

APIC position paper: Safe injection, infusion and medication vial practices in healthcare journal article

This journal article from American Journal of Infection Control provides practice guidance for healthcare facilities on essential safe injection, infusion and vial practices.

Journal Article

A clinical study comparing the skin antisepsis and safety of ChloraPrep 70% isopropyl alcohol and 2% aqueous chlorhexidine journal article

This journal article assesses the immediate and persistent antimicrobial efficacy and safety of chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) vs. 70% IPA or 2% CHG.

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White Paper

A look at insulin needle reuse white paper

This white paper provides a look at the history of insulin syringe and needle reuse and the currently understood health risks of reusing insulin injection products.

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Case Study

Alaris and BD Cato case study infographic

Alaris and BD Cato case study: IV medication safety from the pharmacy to the bedside

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Product Demonstration

Alaris and Cerner infusion interoperability

This video will show how Alaris and Cerner infusion interoperability helps close the safety loop on infusion medication administration.

Product Demonstration

Alaris PC Unit and BD Alaris Pump Module

This video features the new BD Alaris PC unit and BD Alaris Pump module hardware functionalities.

Journal Article

ASHP Connect blog, Control of opiate prescribing

This blog discusses the problems in opiate prescribing.

Journal Article

ASHP Connect blog, Diversion review

This blog reviews a diversion case and how the problem is a growing problem in acute care.

This blog discusses the first annual meeting of the International Health Facility Diversion Association (IHFDA).

Journal Article

ASHP Connect blog, Opioid Crisis and Diversion

This blog discusses the problems of the opioid crisis and diversion in the acute care setting.

Case Study

Auto-Programming of Infusion Pumps: Idealized Workflow Process

This video will show a presentation on the auto-programming of infusion pumps, specifically on the infusion management program at WellSpan Health.

Case Study

Avera McKennan Hospital case study

This case study discusses Pyxis Connect at Avera McKennan Hospital.

Clinical Education

Bar Code Medication Administration conference report

This clinical education document reports on the Bar Code Medication Administration event held at the Alaris Center for Medication Safety and Clinical Improvement in San Diego on April 25, 2003.

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Journal Article

Bariatric surgery patients can be safely managed postoperatively on a medical-surgical unit utilizing continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring journal article

This journal article evaluates the effectiveness of continuous monitoring via capnometry and pulse oximetry in bariatric surgery patients on a medical-surgical unit in preventing near codes, codes and death.

Size: 1306 KB

This case study discusses the Pyxis ProcedureStation system at Bay Medical.

Solution Overview

BD Affirm VPIII Microbial Identification System overview

This video provides an overview of the BD Affirm VPIII Microbial Identification System including technology, system components, sample processing, pathogens detected and results.

Case Study

BD Alaris Asset Management Case Study by STANLEY Healthcare

This case study highlights St. Francis Medical Center's benefits realized with BD Alaris Asset Management

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Product Demonstration

BD and St. Vincent Healthcare: A safe, smart path with Alaris infusion device interoperability

This animated infographic illustrates how St. Vincent Healthcare embarked on a safety journey by successfully implementing Alaris EMR Interoperability throughout their facility.

In-Service Material

BD BACTEC blood culture media collection best practices

This video shows best practices for blood collection and culturing with the BD BACTEC blood culture system.

Solution Overview

BD Cato medication software solutions

This video will show how BD Cato medication workflow solutions help improve IV workflow automation and HIS interoperability.

In-Service Material

BD Eclipse Coming Soon Poster

This in-service poster shows the BD Eclipse needle

Size: 86 KB
Solution Overview

BD End to End Medication Safety

This video highlights the value of a single enterprise partner for infusion and medication management.

Solution Overview

BD HealthSight Diversion Management

BD utilizes machine learning algorithms and multiple dispensing behaviors to surface clinicians whose behavior indicates higher risk for diversion.

Solution Overview

BD HealthSight platform customer testimonials

This video provides testimonials from hospitals and health systems using BD HealthSight Analytics and Practice Improvement Services share their goals and outcomes.

In-Service Material

BD IV Fluids Implementation webcast

This webcast introduces end-users to BD IV fluids and discuss product/procedure details that will help ensure a successful implementation of BD IV fluids.

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