Microbiology's role in Sepsis Core Measures webcast


As part of BD's commitment to increased awareness to the health and financial burden associated with Sepsis, BD is sponsoring an educational webinar in recognition of World Sepsis Day. This global disease, impacting an estimated 31 Million people world wide with an estimated 5 million deaths annually, is preventable and treatable through increased awareness and education.

Course summary

This session will frame the importance of blood cultures as they relate to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and to healthcare's efforts to reduce mortality from sepsis. It will also provide tips for laboratorians who seek to better characterize and report their quality metrics and associated improvement in their metrics to provide evidence of the laboratory contribution to sepsis programs.

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Learning objectives


Introduce the concepts of core measures for sepsis and their impact on hospitals.


Review ways that Microbiology laboratories can support efforts to improve core measures and sepsis outcomes.


Give examples of blood culture metrics and how they can support their organization’s sepsis program.


Review simple statistics that support laboratory quality initiatives for blood culture processes.


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