Rome Memorial Hospital case study

Learn how MedMined Surveillance Advisor helps address urinary tract infections


Rome Memorial Hospital in Rome, New York.


Rome Memorial Hospital identified urinary tract infections (UTI) as a frequently occurring and higher-cost infection type.


After identifying UTIs as a frequently occurring and high-cost infection type using MedMined Surveillance Advisor, the hospital introduced a campaign to reduce the use of urinary catheters and increase the rate of discontinuation if their use was unnecessary.


Since the implementation of this campaign, the hospital has:

  • Decreased urine Nosocomial Infection Marker rates by 30.23%.
  • Protected 291 patients.
  • Avoided $905,409 in direct variable costs.
  • Saved $1,153,266 in its bottom line.

Rate trend summary (baseline period [4/06–3/07] to active period [4/07–3/10])  
Urine NIM rate reduction 30.23%
Patients protected 291
Direct variable costs avoided $905,409
Days of LOS saved 1,572

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