Learning and Development

Enhancing knowledge for BD professionals

At BD, Learning and Development is an integral part of our company culture and our company agenda to build a bigger, better, bolder BD. Our strong commitment to learning starts at the top of the organization, with our CEO and senior leadership team, and extends through the organization via a renewed leadership commitment to develop talent. In partnership with our Talent Management group, our collective agenda is to attract, develop and retain the best talent globally by offering a robust catalog of online and classroom learning opportunities as well as special leadership-track programs to shape leaders ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. At BD, we approach developing our leaders and associates through the 60-20-20 model, where 60% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences, 20% through coaching and mentoring, and 20% through formal learning. We believe that our commitment to learning helps continually develop our associates as well as drive superior business results.

BD University

Founded in 2000, BD University (BDU) functions as a key learning resource for BD associates globally. BDU offers online and classroom learning resources strategically aligned with the company's values, objectives and the new BD Leadership Model. At BDU, we continually strive to offer learning experiences that allow our associates to learn what, when and how they like. Our BD Leaders-as-Teachers approach has been widely acclaimed as a benchmark for corporate learning and development programs. Using this model, BD associates interact with key leaders in the organization, and derive the added benefit of learning from BD case studies and examples, which has been proven to enhance the learning experience by almost 40%.


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