Educational grants

Educational grants are considered for training institutions or conference sponsors to support bona  fide education programs dedicated to promoting objective scientific and educational activities and discourse. BD does not support educational grant requests from or benefiting individual healthcare professionals.

BD may support the following types of bonafide, independent, educational programs:

  • Third-Party Conferences: nationally or regionally recognized independent third-party conferences, journal clubs, and disease societies that have an educational, medical, scientific, or policy making purpose
  • Training Institution Programs: programs conducted by teaching hospitals, academic centers or other healthcare facilities involved in educational programs that promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of effective health care. These programs must be for the benefit of any potentially interested clinicians in the community, and not just those on staff at the institution
  • Fellowship Programs: post-professional, funded and planned learning experiences in a focused sub-specialty area of clinical practice, education or research. Fellowships are intended for post-doctoral, post-residency prepared or board-certified health professionals
  • Patient Education Programs: patient health or disease education, and public health and disease awareness campaigns

Funding must be used for the following permitted purposes:

  • To reduce overall conference costs for all attendees
  • To cover reasonable honoraria, travel, lodging, and modest meals for HCPs who are bona fide conference or meeting faculty members
  • Except for HCPs in training located in Massachusetts and Vermont, to provide financial assistance for scholarships or other educational funds to permit medical students, residents, fellows, and other HCPs in training to attend carefully selected educational conferences or meetings; and the selection of attending individuals is made by the conference sponsor or training institution

BD will NOT support the following:

  • Funding to build or support the building of labs, offices, or research centers
  • Sponsoring a fellow for a private practice
  • Paying an honorarium to attend any third-party educational conference
  • Programs located at venues not conducive to the underlying educational purpose of the event
  • Programs with agendas that are not primarily focused on the underlying educational purpose of the event
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