Investigator sponsored studies (ISS)

BD supports independent research to advance scientific and clinical knowledge related to our products, technologies, and therapies. Decisions to support ISS requests never take in to account the volume, nor value of actual or potential business generated by the requestor.
ISS are studies developed and sponsored by an independent investigator (also referred to as a Sponsor-Investigator); and are designed to address meaningful scientific and/or clinical objectives. The independent investigator maintains all regulatory, ethical, and applicable legal responsibility for the studies or projects; and solely controls patient safety, protocol content, and data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Investigator sponsored studies:

  • May be either a clinical or non-clinical study for which BD may provide monetary support, product, equipment, or in-kind service
  • Support must only be provided legitimate research activities
  • Any monetary support must represent fair market value for the research work to be performed and should be provided pursuant to a milestone payment schedule
  • Requestors must be an organization or institution
  • The Sponsor-Investigator must have the necessary qualifications and resources to conduct the research and must be selected on the basis of such qualifications and resources, not for improper purposes

Payments to individual HCPs are not permitted. 

Proposals are evaluated according to their scientific merit, alignment with our areas of research interest, and available funding.  Grant provision is contingent upon full execution of the research agreement by both parties.

For any questions you may have regarding the BD Investigator-Sponsored Study Program, contact

To apply for investigator sponsored studies concept, please click here:
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To apply for investigator sponsored studies full funding, please click here:
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