BD Unveils New Next Generation Sequencing Library Prep System at the 2016 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting

BD CLiC System is the first, high-throughput, fully integrated, automated bench-top library preparation workflow

Feb 12, 2016

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J., Feb. 12, 2016 – BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX), a leading global medical technology company, today announced the launch of the BD CLiC System during the 2016 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Meeting.

The BD CLiC System enables genomic research by providing cost effective NGS library preparation with limited operator intervention. The BD CLiC System is a high-throughput, fully integrated, next generation sequencing (NGS) library prep instrument, engineered for targeted and whole genome library preparation. The system features the flexibility to scale between 24 and 96 samples per run allowing the ability to process more than 50,000 samples per year.

The BD CLiC is the first high-throughput, NGS system to consolidate the entire NGS library preparation workflow process into a single instrument, which has been demonstrated to significantly reduce the labor time of laboratory technicians as compared to traditional methods. The “walkaway” automation capability, from purified DNA sample to sequence-ready barcoded libraries, can help reduce the risk of human error.

“The addition of the BD CLiC System expands the company’s presence in genomics and further demonstrates BD’s commitment to developing platforms and reagents that simplify complex workflows and enable new applications for life science researchers,” said Stephen Gunstream, vice president of global genomics at BD.

The BD CLiC System utilizes the proprietary Composite Liquid Cell (CLC) technology. This technology encapsulates reactions in microdroplets, significantly reducing the use of plastic consumables and expensive reagents. The CLiC is ideal for the automation of complex genomic protocols that require sequential reagent addition and purification steps.

The BD CLiC System, BD FACSseq Cell Sorter and BD Precise Assays will be on display at the 2016 AGBT congress in the Marbella I suite. The BD CLiC System is already being used by early access customers and is now commercially available for research use.

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