BD Global Procurement

Providing sourcing, strategy and value

BD Global Procurement strives to continuously deliver the highest sustained value for our company by leveraging our full competitive supply base using highly effective and efficient systems and processes.

BD products and businesses require greatly diverse materials, supplies and services. To select the right supply strategy and supplier base for each need while accommodating continual global and industry changes, BD Global Procurement must diligently analyze internal and external dynamics—from risk to pricing to innovation.

Our associates lead cross-functional stakeholder sourcing teams to review each business' needs, for each category of purchase, against the following critical sourcing factors:

  1. Assurance
  2. Quality
  3. Service
  4. Cost
  5. Innovation
  6. Regulatory (AQSCI)

We align these factors with stakeholder and business requirements by applying our knowledge of the external supply market. Implementing them while considering rigorous testing and validation protocols required by government regulations, we enable significant annual savings throughout procurement and continuous improvements to purchased materials, supplies and services. These capabilities yield long-term impacts, maximizing value from the supply base.

Process efficiency

We define end-to-end processes to help BD reach critical financial targets while promoting efficiency and customer satisfaction. Through the buying platform BuySmart, BD can buy indirect goods and services, receive and process invoices, and offer visibility for our suppliers and stakeholders into the status of their transactions. This solution thereby shifts focus to value-add activities while simplifying purchasing experiences for all users.

Our Shared Service Centers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia streamline transactions over high-volume processes and data management. Additionally, we use a single global SAP platform and operate a Managed Services Program. These functions all work together to further increase the efficiency of our various processes.

Supplier relationship and risk management

Our Supplier Relationship Management program builds strategic relationships with key suppliers. It also proactively manages supply base risk and compliance requirements to ensure reliable supply.

In conjunction with stakeholders, we also develop mitigation plans for key risk areas, including supply interruption, reputation and compliance to safeguard competitive advantage and satisfy stakeholder and business needs.

Functional capabilities and culture

BD Global Procurement cultivates a culture of curiosity, collaboration and knowledge and knowledge sharing to facilitate optimal performance.

To comply with both our established and new approaches, BD associates must seek continuous education and professional development. We offer ongoing training and development programs to help them build their knowledge of the entire supply chain, and to expand their readiness to effectively engage and understand stakeholders.

As a result, we are more agile, quick, capable and engaged.

Continuous improvement programs

BD Global Procurement aims to continuously improve the reliability, quality and cost effectiveness of all of our procured products and services. We closely collaborate with strategic and preferred suppliers to develop continuous improvement projects—ranging from simple lean and waste reduction measures, to full Six Sigma programs—to increase value, savings and competitive advantage.

Our procurement and sourcing experts are "agents of change" in areas that go far beyond just cost management. Creating operational efficiencies, managing supply-based risks and promoting sustainability are just a few examples of how procurement continues to deliver value for BD.

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