Monitor patients to protect them

Go under surveillance

Infection prevention surveillance

MedMined Surveillance Advisor can help you identify and report healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and use customized alerts and reports to facilitate timely patient intervention.

Medication stewardship surveillance

MedMined Surveillance Advisor can help you streamline house-wide antimicrobial stewardship efforts and monitor potential adverse clinical events through alerts, metrics and reports.

About MedMined

Our MedMined solutions offer various modular offerings including MedMined Surveillance Advisor infection prevention and medication stewardship surveillance. Our other offerings include our antimicrobial use (AU), public health reporting (PHR) and ventilator-associated event (VAE) modules.

MedMined Surveillance Advisor is an enterprise-wide e-surveillance and clinical notification system. It provides clinical benchmarking, true data mining and actionable intelligence that can help you improve clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care.

KLAS has ranked MedMined No. 1 for Software and Services eight out of the past nine years.

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BD MedMined Surveillance Advisor video

This video provides an overview of the MedMined Surveillance Advisor solution.

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Data mining surveillance

MedMined Surveillance Advisor features a patented algorithm proven to support the early detection of emerging pathogens.

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