BD CytoRich Non-Gyn Fixatives
BD CytoRich Clear vial

BD CytoRich fixatives

Removes non-diagnostic components from specimens

BD CytoRich non-gyn fixatives help collect, preserve, and transport and transfer cytology specimens with hemolytic and nonhemolytic options.

The fixative properties of BD CytoRich preservative fluids work with the discrete batch processing capabilities of BD PrepStain and BD Totalys SlidePrep processors to provide standardized yet flexible solutions for non-gyn cytology.

BD CytoRich clear vial

The clear vial is indicated to process non-gyn samples using cell enrichment. It is ideal for small-volume samples (e.g., brushings, FNA), but it can also be used with larger sample pellets.

BD CytoRich clear preservative

This general purpose fixative can be used with all sample types.

BD CytoRich red preservative

Indicated for bloody sample types, this fixative lyses red blood cells and solubilizes proteins while preserving the diagnostically relevant cells.

BD CytoRich blue preservative

This general purpose fixative is excellent for urine when the blood cells need to remain intact.

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