BD 1-mL conventional insulin syringes

BD Insulin Syringe, 1 mL with Detachable Needle

Our 1-mL BD Luer-Lok insulin syringe—available with either a detachable needle or a permanently attached needle—support many clinical uses and crucially prevent needle disengagement, medication leakage, and spray or tubing disconnect. We also offer a 1-mL insulin syringe with the BD Luer-Lok tip or the U-100 slip tip. These insulin syringes are all available at many drug stores.

Insulin syringe only

The insulin syringe assures a secure connection to needles or IV ports, features a crystal-clear polycarbonate barrel and provides a readily visible fluid level.

Insulin syringe with detachable needle

This insulin syringe comes with a detachable BD PrecisionGlide needle.

1-mL insulin syringe only
Catalog no.Tip typee-catalog
329650 U-100 slip tip (orange)
309629 BD Luer-Lok tip
1-mL insulin syringe with detachable needle
Catalog no.Needle sizee-catalog
329651 25 G x 5/8 in
329652 26 G x 1/2 in
329622 25 G x 1 in