BD Safety-Lok Insulin Syringe, 1 mL with Permanently Attached Needle

BD Safety-Lok insulin syringe

Keep safety injections short and simple

The BD Safety-Lok insulin syringe is a safety-engineered syringe with a sliding sleeve that you activate using two hands. Available in a 1-mL size, it is designed to help protect healthcare workers and other caregivers from accidental needlestick and other sharps injuries during insulin injection.

1-mL insulin syringe*
Catalog no.NDC/HRI no.Needle sizee-catalog
329464 08290-329464 29 G x 1/2 in


* The 1-mL size is the same volume as 1 cc. BD syringes are labeled in mL vs. cc because healthcare professionals most commonly use mL.

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