BD Ultra-Fine Micro 6mm x 32 G pen needle

Meet the newest member of the BD Ultra-Fine pen needle family

All BD Ultra-Fine pen needles are designed to optimize comfort, and now you can prescribe the same BD quality and reliability* you expect from all our needles, for your patients who prefer a 6-mm length.

New length, same great BD quality and reliability*

The BD Ultra-FineTM Micro 6mm x 32G pen needle is designed for a comfortable injection experience, supporting customer satisfaction and loyalty*

Insurance coverage

BD Ultra-fine Micro pen needle is covered at preferred co-pay on most healthcare plans


BD Ultra-fine Micro pen needle is compatible with leading pen injection devices, including many Novo Nordisk pens.1

Electro-polished, surgical-grade steel

Manufactured with an electro-polished, surgical grade needle designed for smoothness.*

Micro-bonded lubrication

Designed with proprietary micro-bonded needle lubrication for less friction.*

Availability at most pharmacies

BD insulin syringes, pen needles and accessory products can be purchased at most pharmacies. They can also be obtained by mail from insurance and durable medical supply companies.

Ordering information
Catalog no.NDC/HRI no.e-catalog
320749 08290-3207-49


* BD pen needles are designed and manufactured to high quality standards. They are rigorously tested to ensure performance requirements. ISO standard 11608-2 has stringent requirements on needle lubrication, fine needle point, assembly and disassembly torque, dose accuracy testing, needle-to hub engagement and injection length.

† Co-pays and preferred status vary by plan,The featured brands are property of their respective owners.

  1. BD Pen Needle Compatibility Status Summary with Diabetes Care & Non-Diabetes Drug Delivery Devices; Documents Number: 149OTH-0004-02 Rev N Dated: 22 Jun 2017; 10000308903 Ver B Dated: 20 July 2017. 0000321189 Ver A Dated: July 2017.

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