BD PhaSeal accessories

BD offers various accessories that support the BD PhaSeal system.

Assembly fixture

BD offers a nonsterile mechanical device that enables you to consistently and simply attach the PhaSeal protector to a drug vial.

Infusion clamp

We provide a nonsterile clamp that securely connects the PhaSeal injector luer lock and the PhaSeal connector at the hub of the IV line.

Injector cap

Our cap for the PhaSeal injector helps protect you from directly contacting contaminated surfaces during drug transport and storage.

Syringe tray

Designed to accommodate 1- to 30-mL syringes, our nonsterile syringe tray lets you safely transport a filled syringe to the drug administration area.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per box)Quantity (per case)
515400 BD PhaSeal assembly fixture (Ref M12) N/A 1
515404 BD PhaSeal cap for injector (Ref M20) 50 200
515403 BD PhaSeal infusion clamp (Ref M25) 25 100
515401 BD PhaSeal syringe tray (Ref M15) N/A 80
515405 BD PhaSeal hanger for IV bag (Ref M55) 40 160

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