BD PhaSeal drug vial access device

The BD PhaSeal drug vial access device permanently affixes to a drug vial. It functions as a pressure equalization device, utilizing a sealed expansion chamber that establishes and maintains neutral pressure when air or diluent is injected into or aspirated from the vial.

BD PhaSeal drug access vial device
 Protector 14Protector 21Protector 28Protector 50/55
Fits to vial neck size 13 mm 20 mm 28 mm 20 mm
Pressure equalization 20 mL 20 mL 60 mL 50 mL
Color protective cap Blue Red White Green
Material Not reusable; BPA free; latex free; sterilized using ethylene oxide
Expansion film Polyamide/Polypropylene
Hydrophobic filter Polytetraflouroethylene
Filter cover Polypropylene
Membrane Thermoplastic elastomer
Housing Polypropylene
Cannula (P14, P21, P50) Stainless steel
Protective lid Polyethylene
Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per box)Quantity (per case)
515100 P14 protector (Ref P14) 50 200
515102 P21 protector (Ref P21) 50 200
515103 P21 protector (multipack) N/A 250
515104 P28 protector (Ref P28) 25 100
515105 P50 protector (Ref P50) 25 100
515106 P50 protector (multipack) N/A 150
515117 P55 protector (Ref P55) 25 100

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