SmartSite bag access device

Gain direct yet safe access IV bags

Our SmartSite bag access device joins our Texium closed male luer to form a closed system that lets you safely access IV bags.

Access for fluid changes

The SmartSite needle-free valve bag access port lets you access IV bags to add or remove fluid.

Bag access safety

Bag access devices come integrated with Alaris pump sets and SmartSite secondary sets for safe and direct bag access.

Spike configurability

A universal spike adapter is available that lets you use any ISO-compliant spike.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (per box)Quantity (per case)
22001E-07 Bag access device, microbore with SmartSite needle-free connector, L: 24 in PV: 3 mL N/A 100
10013365 SmartSite add-on bag access device, spike adapter, with 1 needle-free valve bag access port, L: 4.0 in PV: 0.60 mL N/A 100
2300E-0500 SmartSite bag spike, PV: 0.5 mL N/A 100
2309E SmartSite bag spike with check valve, L: 5 in PV: 0.9 mL N/A 100
2000EA SmartSite needle-free connector, PV: 0.11 mL, labeled for use with low-pressure power injectors up to 325 psi and maximum flow rate of 10 mL/sec N/A 100
10012241-0500 Texium closed male luer with female cap, PV: 0.12 mL N/A 100