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Product Demonstration

ClipVac faster cleanup video

The ClipVac Faster Cleanup video demonstrates the time savings and benefits of using the ClipVac Hair Removal system.


ClipVac pre-surgical hair removal system brochure

This brochure describes our ClipVac product, which is used with our surgical clippers for hair removal in the OR.

Size: 406 KB
In-Service Material

ClipVac pre-surgical hair removal system in-service poster

This in-service material poster provides instructions on using our ClipVac pre-surgical hair removal system.

Size: 941 KB
In-Service Material

ClipVac system in-service video

This video will show how our ClipVac pre-surgical hair removal system works with our Surgical Clippers to clip and clean—all in one step.


ClipVac value analysis dossier

This dossier provides Value Analysis Committees and clinicians the background and rationale for the trial and acquisition of the ClipVac hair removal system.

Size: 1979 KB
Journal Article

Preoperative Hair Removal in the 21st Century: Using Vacuum-Assisted Technology to Improve OR Efficiency of a Standard of Practice poster presentation

This study discusses how surgical clippers with vacuum-assisted technology significantly reduces the amount of time required to clip and clean up dispersed hair compared to standard surgical clippers.

Size: 122 KB

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