BD Alaris Asset Management

Improve your infusion fleet management and staff workflow efficiency with real-time* visibility to device status and room-level location, and analytics that transform information into actionable insights.

BD Alaris Asset Management helps you manage your BD Alaris System devices to improve their utilization and staff efficiency, while reducing soft costs like wasted time and resources and preventing hard costs such as loss, theft or additional rentals. It utilizes wireless integration with RTLS vendors, such as STANLEY Healthcare, who provide the RTLS platform and wireless tags affixed to the devices. In addition, BD Alaris Asset Management provides real-time* visibility to room-level† location and status—ON/OFF, available, in-use—of your BD Alaris PC Unit, BD Alaris Pump and BD Alaris Syringe Modules.

Help improve infusion fleet management

View real-time* infusion device location and status on a map of the hospital floor plan—use this information for more streamlined fleet management, including finding available devices for timely IV administration, preventative maintenance and drug library and software updates for operational performance and device security. Optional analytics provide biomed with additional insights for fleet management and equipment loss prevention.

Help reduce cost

Wasted time and resources are a challenge for many healthcare organizations today. One-third of nurses report spending at least 60 minutes per shift searching for equipment and studies have found that up to 20% of hospital equipment is lost every year.1,2 BD Alaris Asset Management can help reduce soft costs like wasted time and resources and prevent hard costs such as loss, theft or additional rentals.

Help improve clinical and operational efficiency

Improve clinical and operational efficiency by improving workflows and reducing time wasted making unnecessary phone calls to biomed—for nurses, support timely IV administration, and for pharmacies, enable efficient and reliable drug library updates.

Utilization reports

Manage asset utilization on a daily basis by tracking the amount of time each asset spends in a certain status, such as available, in cleaning, or in maintenance.

Periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) level reports

Optimize inventory in each department to meet patient demand, by managing threshold levels.

Instant alerts

Notify hospital staff when an asset approaches a hospital exit for equipment loss prevention.


† Subject to installation of optional exciters

* Subject to internet connection, devices variability and selected settings

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