BD Alaris Viewer Suite for Charge Capture

Support the charge capture process

BD Alaris Viewer Suite for Charge Capture is the second near real-time* software application in the BD Alaris Viewer Suite platform. The web-based dashboard displays data from the BD Alaris Pump and Syringe Modules to help maximize billing opportunities that require recording the start and stop times of IV infusions.

Minimized lost charges

It captures infusion start, stop, pause, KVO mode or off times to help you minimize lost charges in outpatient areas.

Optimized operations

It summarizes accurate data in a unique patient-specific report to improve the outpatient billing process.


Near real-time* data enables you to adhere to Outpatient Prospective Payment System guidelines to support policy compliance.

Comprehensive patient-specific infusion reporting

Reporting helps document and audit the patient record, and helps adhere to the OPPS guidelines set forth by CMS.