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Infusion Therapy Resource Library

Tip Sheet

Alaris Pump module pressure sensors cleaning tip sheet

This tip sheet provides information on the large volume pump (LVP) membrane and pressure sensors to prevent damage during cleaning.

Size: 127 KB
Customer Support

Alaris System cleaning clarification letter

This customer support document provides the cleaning solutions and active chemical agents that are appropriate to use on the Alaris System.

Size: 238 KB
Tip Sheet

Alaris System recommended cleaning products tip sheet

This tip sheet provides guidelines on cleaning the Alaris System.

Size: 482 KB
Tip Sheet

Audit of best practices for cleaning the Alaris System devices tip sheet

This customer audit tip sheet is designed to provide a tool for a routine cadence to assess best practices for hospital departments cleaning the Alaris System devices.

Size: 49 KB
Customer Support

Proper cleaning techniques for Alaris System pumps

This video will show the proper techniques for cleaning our Alaris System infusion pumps.

Tip Sheet

Proper Inspection of the Alaris Pump module door

This tip sheet reviews how to inspect the door on the Alaris Pump module.

Size: 97 KB
Tip Sheet

Training checklist: Best practices for cleaning Alaris System devices tip sheet

This checklist is designed as a tool for clinical personnel after viewing the Proper Cleaning Techniques for the Alaris Pump module video and Alaris System cleaning best practices tip sheet.

Size: 51 KB

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