BD MaxPlus needle-free connector

Choose the only needle-free connector with an FDA-cleared label statement demonstrating a reduction in CLABSI

Hospitals using the MaxPlus needle-free connector had lower unadjusted CLABSI rates, as well as lower standardized infection ratios, compared to hospitals not using the MaxPlus connector.*

Proven three-second disinfection

A solid, sealed surface enhances workflow while helping prevent bacteria from entering the line.

Clear fluid path

The visible fluid path and high-flow, straight-fluid channels enhance flushing.

Nowhere for bacteria to hide

The fluid-filled design eliminates air space inside the connector so bacteria cannot be trapped.

Safety through simplicity

The connector fluid path is one component vs. multiple moving parts that can hide contaminants and prevent complete flushing.

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* 2013 CMS hospital compare data from 3,074 hospitals, accounting for nearly 11,000 CLABSIs associated with nearly 10 million catheter days