BD Nexiva Diffusics
BD Nexiva Diffusics

BD Nexiva Diffusics closed IV catheter system

Achieve performance under pressure

The BD Nexiva Diffusics closed IV catheter system addresses common computed tomography (CT) challenges during power-injection procedures, while helping you efficiently deliver care and minimize the risk of complications.

Reduced destabilization

The IV catheter reduces the destabilizing effects that can lead to extravasation. The catheter tip features multiple teardrop-shaped diffusion holes to reduce forces that cause catheter motion in the vein by up to 67%.*

Confirmed vessel entry

BD Instaflash needle technology incorporates a notched needle, which may improve first-stick success and reduce painful hit-and-miss insertions.

Higher flow rates

The IV catheter enables higher flow rates with a smaller gauge catheter (22 to 24 G),* facilitating difficult venous access situations.

Dwell times

BD Vialon biomaterial has unique properties that allows it to become more soft and pliable during dwell time.

Built-in design

The BD Nexiva Diffusics system incorporates a built-in stabilization platform.


The BD Nexiva Diffusics system is a pre-assembled closed IV catheter system.

Luer adapter

The system features a luer adapter with indication of maximum flow rate and pressure setting.

Integrated system

The system features an all-in-one catheter and extension set built for your power injector's 325 psi setting.

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* Compared to a nondiffusion tip IV catheter

† Compared to a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) catheter

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