T-handle Jamshidi bone marrow biopsy aspiration needle

Choose a comfortable, easy-to-use needle

The T-handle Jamshidi bone marrow aspiration and biopsy needle helps ensure comfort and excellent cortical penetration. It is available with or without the marrow acquisition cradle, allowing you to tailor the needle to your patient's unique needs.

Comfortable feel

The ergonomic T-handle fits comfortably in your hand, providing tactile feedback and increased control.

Marrow acquisition cradle

This device helps capture quality samples and allows multiple sampling to eliminate painful redirection.

Advanced design

The trocar-tip stylet and triple crown-tip cannula provide a sharp cutting edge requiring 25% less force than before.

Procedural efficiency

The two-piece, easy-to-use design provides tactile feedback and helps increase control during needle insertion.

Single-use design

This design helps assure sterility for every procedure and prevent cross-contamination.

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