Denver shunt

Consider the Denver shunt for your patients with refractory ascites

This peritoneovenous shunt is placed percutaneously to recirculate ascitic fluid from the peritoneal space to the circulatory system. It improves quality of life by relieving ascites symptoms and enabling the body to retain nutrients. It also helps maintain blood volume, renal blood flow and diuresis.

Quality of life

It can enhance patient well-being by providing relief from discomfort caused by ascites and helping improve nutrition levels.

Percutaneous placement options

The Denver shunt can be placed in a minimally invasive procedure via the internal jugular, subclavian or saphenous route.

Symptom relief with added benefits

It may help maintain blood volume, renal blood flow and diuresis, and nutrient retention, and improve mobility and respiration.

Effective conventional therapy alternative

The Denver shunt is an effective alternative to repeat paracentesis.

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