PleurX drainage system

Equip your patients to manage effusions and ascites at home

The PleurX system helps patients manage recurrent pleural effusions and malignant ascites at home. The system includes an indwelling catheter and vacuum bottles that allow patients to drain fluid quickly, effectively and safely. We also provide support for patient education and training.

Active vacuum technology

The active vacuum technology lets patients drain quickly and comfortably without the need for gravity.

Proprietary safety valve

The catheter valve keeps air or fluid from inadvertently passing through the catheter.

Polyester cuff

The polyester cuff on the catheter promotes tissue ingrowth, helping reduce risk of infection and hold the catheter in place.

New indication

The PleurX catheter can be used in place of a chest tube to deliver talc or bleomycin for chemical pleurodesis procedures.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantity (cs.)
50-7700 PleurX pleural catheter and starter kit with four 1,000 mL bottles 1
50-9900 PleurX peritoneal catheter and starter kit with four 1,000 mL bottles 1
50-7000B PleurX pleural catheter kit 1
50-9000B PleurX peritoneal catheter kit 1
50-0075 PleurX starter kit with four 500 mL drainage kits 1
50-0071 PleurX starter kit with four 1,000 mL drainage kits 1
50-7500B PleurX drainage kit with 500 mL vacuum bottle 10
50-7510 PleurX drainage kit with 1,000 mL vacuum bottle 10
50-7235 PleurX replacement valve cap 10
50-7245 PleurX lockable drainage line 10
50-7265 PleurX lockable drainage line kit 5
50-7262 PleurX supplemental insertion kit 5
50-7280 PleurX catheter access kit 5
50-7290 PleurX procedure pack 5

Patient Stories

Catheter Placement

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