Safe-T-Centesis drainage system

Put safety first in thoracentesis and paracentesis

The Safe-T-Centesis thoracentesis/paracentesis device can help reduce risks of percutaneous needle drainage. During thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures, the latex-free device can also help enhance patient comfort and procedural flexibility.

Advanced catheter design

The silicone-coated pigtail catheter, in 6 Fr or 8 Fr sizes, allows secure placement and occlusion resistance.

Built-in safety features

A blunt obturator with a color safety indicator offers protection from needlesticks and indicates anatomical contact.


The unique self-sealing valve allows the needle to be reinserted, adding procedural flexibility.

Multiple drainage options

The system includes connections to facilitate three different drainage options: manual, vacuum bottle and wall suction.

Easy, safe connection to drainage and extension sets

The remote stopcock allows easy connection to drainage sets while helping minimize inadvertent device or catheter movement.

Kit and tray variety

The device comes in kits and trays, including drug-free trays and Safe-T-Centesis PLUS trays with added safety components.

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Safe-T-Centesis drainage device overview video

This video demonstrates the unique features of the Safe-T-Centesis catheter drainage device and shows how to use the device with three different drainage options (wall suction, universal drainage set and vacuum bottle) for thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures.

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