Thora-Para catheter drainage system

Use time-tested features for safe and efficient procedures

The dual indication catheter-over-the-needle drainage device can be used for thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures. Designed with customer-researched enhancements, the latex-free device can also help support safe, efficient diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Availability in two sizes

We offer an 8 Fr or 5 Fr design to better meet your procedural needs.

Fast flow rates

The large drainage holes provide a faster flow rate compared to our previous devices, reducing procedure time.

Closed system assurance

Removing the introducer needle automatically activates a self-sealing valve, maintaining a closed system.

Various options for drainage

Featuring different connections, the system offers manual, vacuum bottle and wall suction drainage options.

Enhanced surface treatment and improved tip taper

These features increase ease of insertion.

Kit and tray variety

The device comes in various procedure trays and kits that help support safety compliance and procedural flexibility.

Procedure Videos

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