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BD Kiestra InoqulA+ specimen processor

Standardize your specimen processing

BD Kiestra InoqulA+
BD Kiestra InoqulA+

The BD Kiestra InoqulA+ specimen processor automates the processing of both liquid and nonliquid bacteriology specimens to help streamline workflow, enable standardized processes, and ensure consistent and high-quality streaking. It also uses magnetic rolling bead technology to streak media plates using customizable patterns, to generate more single discreet colonies than traditional loop-based streaking methods.


This high-throughput solution is able to process both liquid and nonliquid samples using rolling bead technology to ensure discrete colonies.

Rolling bead

The rolling bead has been demonstrated to generate up to three- to five-times more discrete colonies compared to manual streaking methods. It covers a larger surface of agar than any other manual or automated solution.

Versatile specimen or container processing

The solution processes swabs, urines and other nonfluid samples, helping maximize savings. Standardized streaking patterns ensure high-quality processing.

High-throughput processing

Processing up to 250 to 400 inoculations per hour, the solution is designed to cope with daily workflow peaks. One system is often sufficient, resulting in shorter payback times and more efficient use of space.

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