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BD Pyxis ProcedureStation RFID system

The BD Pyxis ProcedureStation RFID system is a secure supply management system that helps manage high-value stents.

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BD Pyxis ProcedureStation system

The BD Pyxis ProcedureStation system supports rapid access to supplies in perioperative environments and procedural suites.

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BD Pyxis ProcedureStation ™ system with ORIS...

The BD Pyxis ProcedureStation system with ORIS integration merges point-of-use BD Pyxis technology with operating room information...

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BD Pyxis StockStation system

The BD Pyxis StockStation system addresses cost and space constraints for stockrooms, warehouses and clinical areas.

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BD Pyxis CathRack System

BD Pyxis CathRack System manages cardiac cath and interventional radiology lab supplies such as pacemakers, stents, vascular grafts and...

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BD Pyxis JITrBUD system

The BD Pyxis JITrBUD system directly attaches to existing storage systems and interfaces with MMIS systems to electronically document...

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BD Pyxis ParAssist

It collects inventory data at remote or open-shelf supply locations, and integrates it with the BD Pyxis SupplyCenter system or other...

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BD Pyxis SupplyCenter

The BD Pyxis SupplyCenter collects data from BD Pyxis supply management systems throughout your facility.

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BD Pyxis SupplyStation

The BD Pyxis SupplyStation supports rapid access to supplies on nursing floors and throughout your facility.

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Pyxis ™ ProcedureStation system with Tissue and...

The module creates an electronic chain-of-custody record from initial tissue package receipt through patient implantation or disposal.

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