Integrated platform

Consolidation is happening rapidly nationwide, emphasizing the rising importance and scalability of IDNs. The make-up of an IDN varies, but it often encompasses acute care, surgery centers, long-term healthcare and even home care. Serving patients no longer has conventional boundaries.

BD dispensing and infusion technologies leverage the BD HealthSight platform for enterprise medication management, to support enterprise-wide medication management. The platform integrates BD technologies with HIT systems, enabling formulary interoperability, and centralized user and barcode management. The platform also captures, consolidates and analyzes data to help improve decision making, efficiency and cost while standardizing system management.

BD Pyxis ES platform

BD Pyxis ES platform

The platform drives enterprise-wide standardization, cost containment and medication safety.

BD Alaris infusion technologies

BD Alaris infusion technologies

The technologies provide interoperability across medical devices and HIT systems to address infusion needs.


  • Enables formulary interoperability via HIT integration
  • Simplifies system user management via Active Directory
  • Facilitates standardization via data centralization
  • Supports BD technologies and functionality via a software-based interface engine
  • Simplifies the pick process with barcode verification
  • Helps pharmacists redeploy to clinical activity
  • Provides near real-time reporting and analytics via one common access point
  • Enables clinicians to access patient-specific med data upon admission* and real-time patient status during in-patient via MedMined Surveillance Advisor
  • Reduces IT footprint and leverages investments


BD may not make this capability available for commercial sale.

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