BD HealthSight Viewer

BD HealthSight Viewer is an integrated web-based pharmacy operations dashboard that combines critical data from BD Pyxis dispensing and BD Alaris infusion systems into a single view. BD HealthSight Viewer improves visibility to bottlenecks in pharmacy fulfillment to optimize medication availability and improve visibility between Pharmacy and Nursing.

View med logistics

Provide Nursing and Pharmacy with the delivery status of medications, removing blind spots and wasted time and effort.

Prioritize med orders

Pharmacists can use one dashboard to see prioritized key alerts and notifications, including continuous infusion replenishment needs and device issues.

Anticipate med needs

By providing visibility to needs on the patient floor, Pharmacy is able to proactively address critical replenishments, impending stockouts and missing doses.

View med status

Nurses can confidently view the status of medication orders in the pharmacy and plan their care schedule around projected arrival times, reducing calls to pharmacy.

BD Pyxis ES notifications

Prioritized visibility to ES system alerts for Pharmacy staff can address device and inventory issues before they become problems for nurses and patients.

Dose request visibility

Pharmacy visibility to patient-specific medication orders requested by Nursing.

Delivery tracking

Provides Pharmacy and Nursing with real-time visibility into medication status and location to reduce wasted time and effort. (BD HealthSight Track and Deliver subscription required.)

IV status visibility

Comprehensive surveillance view of all infusions with exclusive BD Alaris Guardrails information to ensure patient safety.

Continuous infusion visibility

Prioritized operational view of continuous infusions so Pharmacy can proactively compound the most important IV needs.

High visibility

Display can be configured for desktop or TV modes.

Customizable views

Displayed data can be tailored to specific departments, Nursing units, etc.

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