Codonics Safe Label System SLS 550i

Improve medication safety and syringe labeling compliance anywhere syringes are prepared

Codonics Safe Label System SLS 550i is an FDA-listed Class II medical device. It automates syringe labeling and provides safety checks at preparationand administration, helping increase medication safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance. This solution works in conjunction with BD PyxisAnesthesia Station ES to provide standardized medication management in the OR.

Compliant syringe labeling

The system prints full-color labels compliant with The Joint Commission requirements and ASA guidelines.

Documentation automation

Barcode scanning supports documentation in BCMA and AIMS.

Reduction of common drug errors in the OR

The system uses barcode technology to provide confirmation of drugs and concentrations.

Formulary synchronization

System integration enables a common formulary to eliminate errors and redundant work.

Syringe swap prevention

The Administer Mode option provides audible confirmation prior to administration.

Remote control

The Email Notifier option provides electronic notification of operational status.

Simplified formulary management

Advanced integration with the BD Pyxis ES system simplifies formulary management.