BD Pyxis Anesthesia Station 4000

Simplify medication management in OR and procedural areas

The BD Pyxis Anesthesia Station 4000 automates medication management in OR and procedural areas. Featuring innovative hardware and software capabilities, the system helps maximize security while providing convenient access to medications and supplies.

Streamlined anesthesia workflows

The system provides customizable workflows and storage of medications and supplies where they are needed.

Simplified medication management

The system provides pharmacy with visibility to medication inventory and utilization and eliminates time-consuming manual documentation.

Controlled access

An advanced biometric access system, secure pockets and controlled access drawers help protect against unauthorized access.

Enhanced medication safety

The system supports best practice barcode-based system replenishment.

Regulatory compliance

The system securely stores items in the OR and electronically captures data on medication removals and wastes.

Enhanced medication safety

An optional syringe labeling system helps reduce chances of medication errors.

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