BD Pyxis Anesthesia Station ES

A simpler, safer and more secure approach to patient-centric care in the operating room and procedural areas

BD Pyxis Anesthesia Station ES offers increased medication safety and anesthesia workflow efficiency in the operating room. This solution helps to control access to medication, standardizes medication management and supports regulatory compliance.

Patient-centered workflows

The interface integrates patient and medication information into anesthesia workflow, enabling greater patient care and medication safety.

Simplified medication management

Centralized system management and enterprise-wide integration from pharmacy to the procedural areas.

Increased medication security

Advanced biometric technology and a variety of drawer types help balance access and control.


Extends the productivity of the BD Pyxis ES system to standardize medication management and safety into the operating room.

IT optimization

Flexible, enterprise-ready server deployment options minimize required IT infrastructure.

Codonics Safe Label System SLS 550i

The optional medication syringe labeling system helps lower the risk of errors and provides safety checks at preparation and administration.

Integrated medication management

Gain visibility into medication usage across care areas including the operating room through the BD Pyxis ES platform.

Pyxis ES platform case study videos

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