BD Pyxis CIISafe

Controlled substance management

The BD Pyxis C IISafe system stores, tracks and monitors the replenishment of controlled substance inventory within your hospital. It integrates with BD Pyxis MedStation ES, BD Pyxis Anesthesia Station ES and BD Pyxis Logistics to provide a seamless, facility-wide management of controlled substances.

Enhanced protection

Helps improve compliance with industry standards, maintains accreditation status, and prevent costly fines and revoked licenses.

Documentation efficiency

Streamlines documentation from the pharmacy to the patient care areas to reduce error-prone, manual recordkeeping.

Connected Medication Managment

Integrates with BD Pyxis medication management technologies to deliver inventory optimization and automated procurement benefits.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitates compliance with regulatory body audit requirements which helps to prevent fines and revoked licenses.

Inventory Optimization

By integrating with BD HealthSight Analytics, BD Pyxis CIISafe enables an effective drug shortage management of controlled substances.

Workflow Efficiency

Eliminates the risk of duplicating tasks by integrating with BD Pyxis MedStation and BD Pyxis Anesthesia Station.

Automated Procurement

Enables automated procurement of controlled substances inventory through integration with BD Pyxis Logistics.

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