BD Pyxis IV Prep

Reduce risk of pharmacy compounding errors and improve workflow efficiency

BD Pyxis IV Prep (formerly BD Cato workflow solutions) standardizes compounding processes such as order review, medication picking and dose preparation to improve med safety and pharmacy workflow.

Medication Safety

Helps intercept drug and dose errors in real time via gravimetric analysis workflow with hard stops, ensuring medication preparation accuracy.

Inventory Management

Helps reduce waste with clean room inventory optimization software featuring remnant drug tracking, lot management and returned IV management.

Workflow Efficiencies

Reduces redundant steps, checks and re-makes with remote pharmacist review and verification while limiting the need for frequent gowning.

Gravimetric Analysis

BD has partnered with METTLER TOLEDO to develop an exclusively-customized, high-performance scale to ensure preparations meet defined tolerance ranges via density measurement, helping to eliminate the potential risk of under- or over-dosing.

Barcode Verification

Barcode scanning verification helps ensure correct selection of each ingredient, diluent and vehicle used for the preparation.

Image Capture

The visual documentation hardware (VDH) automatically takes pictures of each step of the compounding process, which can be used for remote verification by pharmacy.

Documentation and analytics

Provides robust documentation and productivity analytics including full preparation log with final measurements, images, preparation details and more.

Onsite implementation and support

BD's implementation team is available to support your organizational readiness and onsite preparedness for BD Pyxis IV Prep.

Robust drug database

Equipped with a robust starter drug database with several thousand national drug codes (NDCs), significantly reducing setup time.

Integrated medication management

Integration with BD Pyxis HealthSight, BD Pyxis Logistics and BD Alaris provides visibility into the compounding queue while supporting inventory replenishment requests and compounding queue prioritization.

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