BD Pyxis Logistics* carousel

Reduce labor and space requirements with a pharmacy carousel for automation

The BD Pyxis Logistics pharmacy carousel is an advanced, cost-efficient and reliable drug storage and retrieval system that, through automation, reduces labor and space requirements when compared to static shelving. Expert installation consultants evaluate your environment, including mapping workflow from dock to pharmacy, to ensure an optimal carousel solution. With more than 45 models available, the BD Pyxis Logistics carousel can meet the requirements of most acute care pharmacies.

Improved patient safety

The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel's barcode verification ensures that the right drug is picked or restocked.

Maximized pharmacy space

The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel reduces inventory space requirements by more than 60%.

Improved staff efficiency

The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel streamlines pick and stock, and features a lightbar that guides the technician to the drug's location.

Flexible configuration

The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel comes in a wide range of sizes and formats, such as horizontal, refrigerated and clean room.

Space optimization

The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel provides high-density storage.


The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel hails from a manufacturer that has led the industry since 1947.

Superior support

White-glove support for the BD Pyxis Logistics carousel is provided directly from the manufacturer.


The BD Pyxis Logistics carousel's shelves are configurable to optimize pick.

Medication security

TheBD Pyxis Logistics carousel requires a user name and password and features a lockable cabinet to control access to medications.

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