BD Pyxis Logistics* inventory management software

Manage pharmacy inventory enterprise-wide

BD Pyxis Logistics software is a comprehensive inventory management system that helps track medications, simplify workflow processes, improve productivity and reduce medication cost and waste.

Improved medication management

The software equips pharmacy, administration and corporate personnel with inventory management capabilities.

High-density handling

The automated pharmacy system software operates carousel hardware for high-density medication storage and retrieval.

Barcode verification

The software helps more accurately and productively fill and restock orders by using barcode verification at all steps.

Reduced waste

The solution helps reduce medication waste using package-sharing and centralized distribution methods.


Depending on the facility size, inventory can be managed using software and carousels or a software-only configuration.

Optimized reporting

With visibility into key areas, you can see inventory cycles and costs, and manage expired and recalled medications.

Data efficiency

Reporting data can be leveraged through the Knowledge Portal.

Increased productivity

"Pick-to-light" technology and "smart-sort" processing help increase productivity.

Inventory efficiency

The system enables just-in-time reordering and receiving from multiple suppliers, reducing on-hand inventory and waste.

Advanced interface engine

The system quickly builds interfaces to HIT systems, 340B systems, general ledgers and automated dispensing cabinets.

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