BD Pyxis PARx system

Safely manage medication using pharmacy barcode technology

The BD Pyxis PARx system efficiently and accurately automates key functions of medication distribution to reduce error-prone manual record keeping and help ensure the correct medications reach the nursing floor.

Distribution control

Pharmacy can easily pick, check and deliver the right medication to the BD Pyxis MedStation system and CUBIE pocket.

Automated confirmation

During the check, the system confirms that medications have been accurately picked to help catch errors upfront.

Improved medication safety

The system provides barcode verification to help improve safety for high-risk, look-alike and sound-alike medications.*

Inventory control

It supports Kanban, reducing the number of manual processes required for cycle counting, reordering and refilling.


* Available with BD Pyxis PARx system 5.0 and BD Pyxis MedStation 4000 system SR3 or newer