BD Pyxis PharmoPack medication packaging and barcoding technology

Achieve pharmacy automation with packaging and barcode labeling

BD Pyxis PharmoPack medication packaging and barcoding technology provides high-speed unit or multi-unit dose packaging for oral drugs in solid form. Compact in design, the pharmacy automation system fits in small or large pharmacies.

Packaging without standard canisters

Our free shape packaging (FSP) lets pharmacy freely pour medications into a chamber and easily unit dose package them.

Automated counting

The solution counts medication without requiring you to touch it during preparation.

Enhanced safety

An FSP printer receipt helps verify that the correct medication has been placed into the right FSP drawer.

Small size

The system fits through a standard doorway.

Packaging options

Packaging options accomodate unit dose, multi-unit dose and half tablets.

Special handling

The solution enables pharmacy to create medication trays that require special handling for packaging.

Increased capacity and variety

The FSP and manual device unit can operate simultaneously with canister medications.

Time savings

The system features "smart-sorting" technology to reduce order processing and fulfillment time.

Wide sizing range

The solution enables multiple sizes of packaging, accommodating ADC and medication cart size limitations.

Streamlined packaging and barcoding workflow

The solution operates stand-alone or combined with BD Pyxis Logistics inventory management software.