Pyxis ProcedureStation system with Tissue and Implant module

Manage tissue and biologic implants

The BD Pyxis ProcedureStation system with Tissue and Implant module creates an electronic chain-of-custody record. This record spans from the initial point of tissue package receipt to the patient implantation or disposal.

Workflow efficiency

Automated management helps rid time-consuming activities such as manually completing tissue usage information cards.

Advanced tissue and implant supply tracking and reporting

Inventory tracking and reporting features document the supply usage, cost and time of a procedure, service or physician.

Tissue management alerts

Alerts notify staff of tissue and implants that have been exposed to inapproriate temperatures.

Charge capture accuracy

Interfaces with registry and patient billing software enable automatic and accurate charge capture.


The system supports compliance efforts by providing accurate reporting and helping ensure data storage.

Recall support

The system offers 10-year data storage to help promptly respond to a recall.


It utilizes automated technology to help ensure compliance and improve overall tissue and implant management.