Blood culture

Detect microbial growth in blood

BD Life Sciences – Diagnostic Systems is the industry leader in blood culture instrumentation, with consistent, demonstrated performance that impacts patient care.

Why BD BACTEC blood culture systems?

Clinicians rely on blood culture testing to diagnose bloodstream infections. As such, blood culture qualifies as one of the most important functions of the microbiology laboratory. BD BACTEC blood culture systems critically support accurate testing with high performance, ease of use and media quality.


BD BACTEC blood culture media

The BD BACTEC line of blood culture media offers multiple formulations, including resins and lytic media for optimal performance.


BD EpiCenter microbiology data management system

The BD EpiCenter microbiology data management system manages data for all BD microbiology systems to help improve workflow while generating workload and epidemiology reports.


BD Synapsys Microbiology Informatics Solution

BD Synapsys solution enables laboratories to address these challenges and improve laboratory outcomes.