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Blood culture

Impacting lives with a full spectrum of blood culture solutions

BD is empowering healthcare professionals—from specimen collection to actionable results—to address the health and financial burdens associated with sepsis.

Each year, an estimated 31.5 million cases of sepsis are diagnosed globally, with an estimated 5.3 million deaths.1  The average cost per hospital stay for sepsis is $18,000.2

Today, blood culture remains the most important microbiology tool in the management of sepsis.3 BD provides a proven, full-spectrum blood culture offering for all three phases of testing.

Blood culture collection

Simplify collection, help minimize contamination, and facilitate appropriate blood volume during the pre-analytical phase with a full spectrum of specimen collection solutions.

Blood culture instrumentation

Provide workflow efficiencies and modular solutions to meet different volume needs during the analytical phase with a full spectrum of blood culture instrumentation solutions.

Blood culture media

Time to detection is important during the analytical phase. Learn about a full spectrum of blood culture media solutions.

Blood culture reporting and analytics

Manage blood culture workflow and improve quality metrics during the post-analytical phase with a full spectrum of blood culture workflow management solutions.

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