BD BACTEC FX blood culture system

The BD BACTEC FX blood culture system builds on the proven history of previous BD BACTEC instrumentation, with advanced fluorescence detection technology, exceptional media performance and instrument reliability—adding vial-activated workflow, advanced ergonomics, blood culture observation and customer-focused data management. The easy-to-use workflow comes in a compact, modular design, which can be adapted to multiple space- and time-saving configurations for your laboratory staff.

Intuitive capabilities

The system enables a unique vial-activated workflow that helps reduce hands-on time, identifies anonymous vials and utilizes an interface with a conveniently located LCD touch screen, status indicators and a barcode scanner at each module.

Innovative design

The system offers efficient workflow in a compact, modular format.

Intelligent data management

It provides data management with enhanced blood culture observation—in and out of the laboratory, helping reduce workflow interruptions and communicate preliminary or final results to caregivers.

Quick detection

By helping detect positive blood cultures early, the system may also help you more quickly implement therapy to positively affect patient outcomes and reduce lengths of stay.

Compatibility with BD Vacutainer® blood collection systems

BD BACTEC blood culture bottles are designed to be fully compatible with the BD Vacutainer blood collection system, reducing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries during blood collection and subculturing.

Ordering information
Catalog no.DescriptionQuantitye-catalog
441385 BD BACTEC FX instrument (top unit) 1
441386 BD BACTEC FX instrument (bottom unit) 1
442296 BD BACTEC FX40 instrument 1

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