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Blood culture reporting and analytics

Manage blood culture workflow and improve quality metrics during the post-analytical phase with a full spectrum of blood culture workflow management solutions.

An estimated 23% of clinical errors occur in the post analytical phase of testing, in part due to improper validation of analytical data, failure in reporting and/or an inappropriate follow-up plan.1

The BD Synapsys microbiology informatics solution provides instrument connectivity, integrated workflows, and actionable insights.  


BD EpiCenter microbiology data management system

The BD EpiCenter microbiology data management system manages data for all BD microbiology systems to help improve workflow while generating workload and epidemiology reports.


BD Synapsys Microbiology Informatics Solution

BD Synapsys informatics helps standardize workflow and communication of results.

  1. Hawkins R. Managing the pre- and post-analytical phases of the total testing process. Ann Lab Med. 2012;32:5-16.

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